Name: Sophie

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Age: 26

Size: 14 hh

Color: Bright blood bay with black points, star + strip + snip, two white rear fetlocks, and one white coronet in the front.

Gender: Mare

Intake: Summer 2018

”Sophie” is an elegant old lady. She may be little, but she is fierce – she is the “boss-mare” among the rescue horses. She is a very sweet-natured yet sassy little mare. She loves body scratches and face rubs, but her favorite is belly scratches! She has arthritis in her front knees and hips but tends to stay comfortable if she is kept on a senior feed with joint support, and pellet STP for inflammation. She is suitable as a COMPANION ONLY.

“Sophie” is strongly bonded to her best friend “Halona” (also available for adoption). Sophie often acts as a sort of seeing-eye companion for Lona. They do not like to be apart from each other and poor Sophie can become fussy and upset if she’s away from Lona for too long. We would love to see these two go to a forever retirement home together where they can be loved and doted on for the rest of their days. This home must be prepared to adequately care for a senior with special needs animal.