R.I.P. Doc Brown

Name: Doc Brown

Breed: American Mustang

Age: 20

Size: 15.1 hh

Color: Dappled Grey

Gender: Gelding

Intake: May 2017

”Doc Brown” is a true living legend of the American West. Born in the wild and gathered as an 18-year-old. He was in the process of being gentled through the BLM “TIP Training Program”. It was there that we discovered he might take longer than planned to go through domestic horse school so we placed him in a program that could take more time with him. He was born in the Cedar Mountain HMA (Herd Management Area) in Utah.

Fall 2017 – Doc is unfortunately not as receptive to being gentled as we had hoped. So, we have decided to pivot his training from the goal of becoming a therapy horse to becoming simply safe for our team to handle from time to time. He can simply be a sanctuary horse. Our wish is to keep him safe and healthy for the remainder of his days, enjoying humans as companions to be loved by. By placing him in sanctuary we are able to ensure he never ends up in a kill pen or endangering someone in the future, but instead can enjoy the companionship of our care team and other sanctuary horses.

September 2018 – We are sad to announce that over Labor Day weekend we lost our Doc to a tragic freak incident. While continuing his gentling process he suffered an unexpected and inoperable gut toersion. Events like these are traumatic and, sadly, nearly unavoidable… they just happen sometimes. With a heavy heart, we said goodbye too soon to this awesome gelding before we even got the chance to see him reach his full potential. Run free forever old man, We will miss you as we remember you and the inspiration you provided when we founded the Withers for Warriors Foundation. Rest in power.

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