R.I.P. Halona

Name: Halona (aka Lona)

Breed: Appaloosa Horse Club

Age: 26

Size: 15 hh

Color: Grey varnish appaloosa with a discernable blanket over her flanks.

Gender: Mare

Intake: Summer 2018

”Halona” is a completely blind Appaloosa mare we were able to rescue from slaughter with the help of several generous donors. She was unfortunately delivered to a “kill lot,” likely because of her blindness. With the help of our generous community, we were not only able to fundraise her bail amount, but we were also able to get her shipped safely to our location in Southern, NV. She is a very sweet-natured mare. She has a tendency to be high-stress & pace if there are excessive amounts of commotion in the barn.

“Halona” is strongly bonded to her best old lady friend “Sophie”. Sophie often acts as a sort of seeing-eye companion for Lona. They do not like to be apart from each other & poor Lona can become panicky if she’s away from Sophie for too long. Luckily the two do very well being stalled side-by-side & get regular turnouts together for enrichment. We are so happy Sophie & Lona get on so well together.

*** UPDATE ***
It is with a heavy heart we announce that on August 10, 2021, we had to lay our sweet blind lady to rest. We learned and grew so much from our time of knowing you and working with you. You will forever be remembered and cherished. May you run free now, beautiful lady, no longer hindered by blindness.

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